Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Nordia's Bridal Shower!

Everyone's gettin' merried!!! Yay!!! I'm so excited because all of my dear friends are getting hitched! My great friend Nordia is getting married in September of this year. Her wedding will bein Cali since her hubby's family is there, so I won't be able to attend, but I did offer to make her bridal shower decorations. 

I offered a banner, centerpieces, balloon weights, and the favor tags.

This is the banner I made. I really like the way it came out. I used my trusty Cricut to cut out the letters and the borders. For patterned paper I used various blue shades form my patterned paper pads. Then I used glitter and wedding-themed Magnolia stamps and love-themed toppers from Lili of the Valley (my favorite place ever!).

These are the centerpieces I made. I decided to do something different. They're sort of Flamenco-inspired. I made red ones...

And a floral blue one...

and blue ones...

They were made by mod podging tissue paper to the Puffs cereal containers we use for Baby Henry's snacks. They things really come in handy!

These are the balloon weights I made. If you remember, I made something similar for my wedding favors, except this time, I hole punched the back so that ribbon can be strung around it and the balloons can be held down. I also used some heart embellies in these ones. I told Nordia's Maid of Honor just to fill them up with rocks so they will stay down.

And these are the favor tags I made. I found a swirly design online and then tweaked it in Illustrator.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

DIY Gifts For Daddy's Birthday!

Dear Husband,

Thank you for all you do for us. You are a good Daddy, too.

We love you!


Baby Henry and Your Wife 

It's my hubby's birthday!! He's another year older and wiser and more handsome if you ask me (hubba hubba)! This year, since baby Henry is bigger and let's me actually work, I decided I would make a ton of gifts for my hubby. 

Enter Pinterest. 

I know there was a time that Pinterest didn't exist, but man, finding ideas took forever back then!! Now all I do is click my Pinterest app on my phone and voila! I search whatever I want or I look at the recommended pins. I love Pinterest!

For Hubby's birthday I decided I would make several special things.

Here they all are. The photo frame in back is a picture of Baby Henry wearing a diaper and Daddy's sneakers and poem on the right. It's the only pic I'll put up of that since I don't want anyone to misuse the picture.

I made a box to store the coupon book and tie in.

That's Daddy playing video games! He loves CARS!

The side details.

Te inside with nothing in it.

Here's the tie we decorated. I found a white one (score!) at TJ Maxx and then we wrote on it and Baby Henry left his handprints and footprints on it for Daddy. And Baby Henry calls him "Dahi" (silent h).

This is the coupon book I made for Daddy. Well, I found it on Pinterest and printed it out and cut it up.

He has used a few of them so far! And used the SMOOCH one the very second I gave it to him! Oh DADDY!!!!

Then I saw this and had to make it. The front is boobies...

the back is a butt... with a kiss. I put glaze over the kiss that's why it looks like that. I didn't want the lipstick to smudge but now I wish I'd just left it alone. 

It was one of Daddy's favorite gifts, lol ;)

Monday, July 27, 2015

A Picture Puzzle For My Mom!

My mom loves puzzles. She has done regular flat puzzles and she has done huge 3D cathedrals, carousels, things that move. Sooooo, since I've been in the crafting mood lately and inspired by Pinterest, I decided I would try a small, fun puzzle for her. 

Last month, for Father's Day, we all did a photo shoot. I decided I would take one of those photos, desaturate it a bit, and then make it into a Popsicle stick puzzle. I had pinned the idea on Pinterest awhile back so I returned to the post to get my supplies list. Henry bought me my Popsicle sticks from Walmart, and away I went. 

I printed the image on photo paper using my HP printer then I mod podged it on a row of sticks. I made my own mod podge using equal parts water and elmer's glue. 

When everything was dry, I used my exacto knife to make vertical lines down the sticks, using their own spacing as a guide. Then I mod podged the front of the picture. Some of the glue started coming off so I just added more. All good!

Below is the finished result which my mom really loved. 

The puzzle disassembled. 

Mom almost done! Ahhh, she makes it look so easy!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

More of Marjorie's Bridal Shower Invites

My bestie Marjorie is getting married this year and she chose me as her Matron of Honor (thanks chickie!). I did her Bridal shower invites previously, but she needed more invites! Her original cards used white tulle, but I used up all of my white tulle when I made Lorianna's favors, soooooo.... we came up with a new idea for her Bridal Shower invites. I found some ideas on Pinterest I liked and we both decided on the invite below. 

It was relatively easy to do in Illustrator and I really loved the way it came out. Marjorie loved it as well!

CARD 1120

Monday, July 20, 2015

Lorianna's First Birthday Bash Part 2

Wait... there's more! So here is the rest of Lorianna's First Birthday Bash decorations! In my last post, I showed you the banner and party hats I made for her party. Next, I made the centerpieces. I made 5 of these. I used the Gerber Puffs cereal containers we buy for Baby Henry to snack on. I've always saved them for some sort of project and they came in handy this time because they were perfect for the centerpieces. I painted them in fruity colors, then I used spray adhesive to cover them in glitter! After that, I attached a party label on them and then I made the "flowers" from tissue paper. I have so much tissue paper that I've been wanting to get rid of.

These are the station tent cards I made for food, presents, and favors.

These are the water bottle labels.

This must;ve been my favorite part, besides making party hats from scratch. I wanted to make bones as party favors since Ms. Pebbles wears a bone in her hair! I found a pin on Pinterest on how to make these, tweaked it a bit and voila!

I then wrapped them in white tulle, tied them with a ribbon, and topped them with a little Thank You label.

Closeup of the bones. I didn't try one because I made just enough for 30 people. They are basically pretzels and marshmallows drenched in white chocolate!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Lorianna's First Birthday Bash Part 1

Recently, my nephew, Lil'Gee, embarked on a new adventure in his life. He became a DAD. This was very special to me because he is my first nephew and I've known him since before he was born, when he was still in his mom's belly. He is my special LOVE. So, when his daughter, Lorianna, was about to turn 1, I knew I had to make the decorations for her party. Her mother and I were in constant communication over the party details: the theme would be Pebbles Flinstone. I offered to do the banner, centerpieces, favors, water labels, stations, and party hats.

I turned to Pinterest for patterned paper, party hat instructions, and the favors (white chocolate bones!).

Here is the WELCOME Banner I used pink and brown as my patterned paper.

A closeup of the banner

Ms. Pebbles laughing.

My youngest nephew, Geovanni, Lorianna's uncle, helped me with the letters.

It was so cute to see him working my Cricut machine. He did a very good job!

Then I made about 30 party hats! I found instructions online and tweaked them a bit to make small hats and larger ones. I then covered them with real Fruity Pebbles! I used tissue paper and bags cut up as the toppers for the hats! You know I love to recycle!

My son and my mom testing out the hats!

I love my little munchkin! He was a great model!

More in an upcoming post!


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