Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Christmas Calendar Magnet Postcards

Okay, so next up are some Christmas Calendar Magnet postcards. I made these for a few people in Ecuador, one for myself, and one for my best-friend, Marjorie. I used Lili of the Valley cute squares on all postcards. I swear I love that store!!! I have so many stamps and cute squares from them! I really miss buying from them since I'm not in the states all the time now.

This is Marjorie's postcard:

CARD 855

CARD 856

CARD 857

This is my postcard:
CARD 858

CARD 859

CARD 860

CARD 861

CARD 862

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Christmas Calendar Magnet Cards

Before I go back to Ecuador I have to make my dad's calendar magnet cards. I'm leaving in a few weeks and this task is not that easy and is time-consuming soooo..... to make a long story short, I turned to my trusty Cricut machine. I used my cricut to make ALL of my cards. Well all except for 8 of them which I made into postcards. In total I  made 97 of these cards.

I made calendar magnets in the shape of presents:

CARDS 757-854

calendar magnets in the shape of snowmen:

calendar magnets in the shape of ornaments:

as well as Santa hats:

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Welcome Miss Vicki!!!!

I left for Ecuador in June of this year (hence no card posting) and this past October I came back for the birth of my niece, Victoria. She was born on October 22nd at Stamford Hospital and boy does she look like my brother! Holy moly! Anywho, she's my little sweet pea. I decided to make an easel card to mark her arrival into this world. Being that her mother loves the color purple and she has purple elements in her nursery, I decided to maker her a color-themed card. I used a cute square from Lily of the Valley (my favorite store), different patterned paper, and glitter, flowers, and lace. Glady said it almost looked like Vicki was on a bed :) 

I also had a picture taken of her and I, desaturated it and added pink elements. Then I typed a small sentiment on the photo, printed it and framed it in.... a purple frame. I made the same frame for myself but in blue. Behold, little Miss Vicki's first card made by her auntie Jackie.

CARD 756

Monday, June 25, 2012

New York Yankees Birthday Card For Amy

Before leaving my editing job of 6 years, my co-worker Amy asked me to make a birthday card for her for her boyfriend. She knew exactly what she wanted: a New York Yankees' themed design. She had seen the Sporty New York Bulls card I had made for Mal awhile back so she asked me to do something similar. Below is my creation. She loved it

CARD 755

Monday, March 12, 2012

A Dozen Soccer-Themed Christmas Cards

The following cards I made for a cousin in Ecuador. I was showing him my website and he saw the Cosmos card I had made. He asked me to make one for him and I offered to make all of them for his soccer team. The image in the middle is the logo of their team. I had my friend Pam vectorize it and make it digital (I only had a photo to go by). Their colors are green and black and I used some DP and some patterns I found online. I sent the dozen cards to my cousin on December 20th but he still hasn't received them ;'( Hopefully they will arrive soon since they say Merry Christmas inside in Spanish.

CARDS 743-746



CARDS 747-750

CARDS 751-754



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