Saturday, April 5, 2014

Two Baby Showers and We're Finally Home!

So in February my mother-in-law Laura held a baby shower for me in Ecuador. It was sort of a farewell I guess since Henry's embassy appointment was later on that month and then we finally picked up his Visa on February 28th. We booked our flight back to the U.S. (a first for him!) a few days later and now we are back home, yay!!!!! We were really holding our breaths! He is a bonafide U.S. Resident now.

So here's a picture of my baby shower in Ecuador. The video in back is of a music video, in case anyone thought otherwise. That is my darling husband. He has the best smile ever! I love him so much!

And here we are back in the U.S. First thing we did? Shop for a crib for baby Henry!

I loved the white one in back, but it's so expensive!

On March 22nd, we held our U.S. baby shower with all my U.S. family.
This is the cake I had made from Luigi's Bakery.

And next to the cake are the souvenirs I made. Since the theme of the party was flying, I decided to make little suitcases as favors. I stayed up til about 5am the day of the shower to finish making these!

These are the invites I had made by Vistaprint. They are boarding tickets. This invite set up the whole theme for the party. We were coming home.

Here's a closeup of the suitcases. I made the little labels as well.

I was in a hurry so inside I only had time for some small sacks of candy.

Closeup of the labels.

The suitcases were all different types of designs. I found a template for them online. I searched everywhere. It was not easy I must admit.


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