Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ruth's Baby Shower Decorations

My sister-in-law Gladys asked me to do some decorations for her bestie's baby shower so of course I had to oblige. I've really been into the decorations mood lately and I love a challenge. My challenge if I choose to accept it was: Wilderness theme. I ACCEPT!

Glady sent me all the ideas she had and what she wanted. I was to make a small animals banner, a larger "IT'S A BOY!" banner, and the favor tags.

Here goes:

Exhibit A: The small woodlands banner. I basically printed out little aminals and created a tiny banner. I embellied with some glitter.

I can't remember the dimensions of the banner but I made it a bit longer just in case. I aim to please.

Close-up of the aminals. The monkey is just too cute!

Exhibit B: The bigger "It's A Boy!" banner. I added a few aminals here and there and Glady gave me a bag full of little sprigs and brances and pinecones which I used throughout. She really enjoyed the look. Again, glitter is your friend so I used lots of it. I really wish I had used a better camera but this was the best I could do.

 Exhibit C: The thank you tags. I think this was the most time-consuming. Do you know how hard it is to cut little itty bitty aminals???? Wow! I was so done after aminal #5!!! But, duty called and I had to serve! I really spruced this one up until I was happy 'cuz at first I was not happy with my work. After printing the words I added the wittle aminals but something was missing. So, I added glitter swirls!!!! Yeah!!!!!! Then I woved it! Again, I really wish I had gotten a better res image but I had no camera and my bro took the pic for me. I have a feeling he sent me a low res version cuz he has an iPhone.... hmmm....


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