Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Wedding Invites!

Here comes the bride....... I am very happy to present to you our wedding favors and wedding invites as done by MOI! I used my lovely Cricut to make the wedding favors and I turned to LCI Paper for the inserts for the invites and Cards & Pockets for the envelopes and Pocket Invites.

Wedding Favors: Groom Favors for his family and friends and Bride favors for mine. 
I used my Cuttlebug to embellish swirlies on my dress and added gems, ribbons, and flowers. I also added gems to Henry's tux. 

I added glitter to his flaps and to my swirlies

The pocketfold outside. I made the sticker myself.

The inside. Invite on the left; envelope and inserts on the right (RSVP, Reception info, and Entry Pass).

I did everything myself! All done and in the bag ready to go to Ecuador. 100 invites!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

More Birthday Cards

Here are SIX birthday cards I worked on while here in Connecticut. In a few days I'll be going to Florida to visit my nephews so I wanted to make sure that my card for my nephew Geovanni was ready. He turns 15 on July 2nd and that is the day we are traveling. I made him Christmas card  before and he really enjoyed it

I made this birthday card for my father-in-law, Pashito. I bought some new goodies from JoAnn's and Michael's and this cupcake sentiment is one of them. I love it. The stamp is from Lili of the Valley (of course) and I colored it in myself. Pashito's birthday is next June 7th.

CARD 868

I made this card for my sister-in-law Gladys (she's the one that loves purple). I used the "How many fingers are you?" sentiment because she saw it once and thought it was so cute. The outer image is also from Lili of the Valley. Since Gladys likes filmmaking and movies I put a little film reel embellishment on the outside. Glady's birthday is December 31st. I'm going to have my parents give her the card since I won't be here for that.

CARD 869

This is Geovanni's card. I put a little rabbit stamp from my clear stamp collection an I also used the "How many fingers..." sentiment inside. I don't know. I think he kind of resembles the rabbit, lol :p Geovanni's birthday is July 2nd.

CARD 870

I made this birthday card for my daddy. I used a stamp from LOTV and colored it in using colored pencils. I have a MUM one too. I think they are just too cute. Again I used the "How many fingers" sentiment inside and the button on the ribbon inside kinda reminds me of a hog's nose. LOL! My dad turns 62 on August 24th.

CARD 871

This is Little Miss Vicki's birthday card. Her FIRST BIRTHDAY! Can you believe it. It was only yesterday that she was born! And in three months she'll be 1. Glady is throwing her a big First Birthday bash but I don't think I will be here. I'm getting married in September and I might just be on my honeymoon during Little Misses party. I made her an easel card and used a stamp from LOTV. I think she sort of looks like this little tyke! The poem inside in from a batch I bought from ABCDistributing. It was longer so I had to cut it down. I love the flowers on this card. Vicki turns 1 on October 22nd.

CARD 872

I made this card below for my mom's birthday. She likes pretty things like nice clothes, shoes, and purses soooo.... I found this cute template for a purse and I decided to make her a purse card! I've never made one for her or anyone. I absolutely love the way it turned out and it wasn't very hard to do. Originally, I had planned to use LOTV's MUM stamp but I forgot along the way. When I did remember it was too late. The DP had too much going on by itself, for me to add that stamp. I love the giant orange gardenia too. My mom turns 63 on October 15th.

CARD 873

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Anniversary And Valentine's Day Cards

Oh, l'amour... what a lovely thing. I first met Henry last August in Ecuador and we started dating in January of this year. We got married in May--something I never thought would happen to me. But... I just knew early on that he was the person for me and he knew before I did so imagine that!!! I'm still in matrimony bliss and decided to make an anniversary card for when we started dating, our one-year anniversary, and a Valentine's Day card. Glady said dating doesn't really count anymore since we're married now, but I wanted to make him one because the images were just so cute! I used the cute squares from Lili of the Valley again.

FYI, our civil wedding was May 30th, 2013, our church wedding will be September 21, 2013 in Ecuador. Gotta work on those invites! 

P.S. I added some photos of us on our wedding day. :)

This is our one-year wedding anniversary card.

CARD 865

This is the Valentine's Day card I made for him:

CARD 866

This is our one-year dating anniversary card.

CARD 867

With my husband Henry on the day we got married :)


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Three Birthday Cards (One's a redo, one's a recycle shhhh)

Okay so I'm back in the states from Ecuador. Henry and I got married last month and I came to visit family and gush about my lovely husband. While here I figured I'd get some cardmaking done. I'll be gone again in 5 weeks and I really miss crafting.

We'll begin with three birthday cards. The first one uses Tilda and it's actually a redo. If you recall, I made CARD 632 for my cousin Lizbeth. She need a quinceañera card and I made two. She choose CARD 631. Soooo I redid 632 for my sister-in-law Adamaris. She turns 14 next January 23rd.

CARD 632

This next card was given to me when I won a contest. I decided I would recycle the card and give it to my sister-in-law Anabel next year when she turns 19 on June 7th. The outside stayed the same, the inside I took out and added my own sentiment and stamp.

CARD 863

I made this card for my mother-in-law, Laura. She likes things like flowers and handmade things so I found a pretty template and away I went! Everything is in English and my in-laws only speak Spanish butttt..... it's not hard to see what they mean to me :)

CARD 864


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