Friday, April 29, 2016

My new blog: Baby Henry Likes!

Hi everyone! 

I have awesome news to share! I won't be posting on here anymore because my new website is up and running (though it's still roughly new!). My new lifestyle and crafting blog is called Baby Henry Likes in honor of my little one and it will showcase my writing, crafting, recipes, adventures, and so on! To visit the new site, click here!  

Here's a screencap of the new site! Hope you visit and come on this new journey with me! 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Handmade on Amazon

Happy New Year!!

I have been MIA for a bit because I've been so busy at home with baby Henry and now my little Evangeline whom will be here in June of this year! She really wipes me out! 

I've also been MIA because I've decided to start some new ventures in my life. With my dear hubby's support, I've decided to launch a lifestyles blog! The name reveal will be posted once everything is started. For now, this will probably be the last post I make on this blog since all my time will be dedicated to my new blog. 

I also have more great news! I applied to Handmade by Amazon and got accepted!! I'm so so excited! I didn't think they would accept me but they did! Yippee!! 

My Artisan profile is: Baby Henry Likes since everything I make is what he likes! You can visit my page by clicking HERE

And here's a screencap of my landing page!

 I am so excited to start selling on Amazon! 

Hope everyone is well and best wishes in this new year!


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