Sunday, November 17, 2013

Vicki's 1st Birthday Banner

Welcome back! I've got quite a treat for you today! My dear little niece, Vicki, will be turning the big 1 later on this year sooooo.... I decided I would make a Happy 1st Birthday Victoria banner for her! This was a two-step process since I am currently still living in Ecuador. I started by making the letters and gluing them to heavy cardstock. However, when I went back to the U.S. in October for Little Miss's first birthday bash, I decided to make a few changes. Below, you can see the original banner and below that the changes I made, and the banner in use at the party.

These are the changes. I added glitter and Tilda stamped images.

This is my costume for the party. Henry and I will be parents! So I decided to announce my pregnancy at the party. I'm thinking BOY! I made the shirt myself.

 Here's the banner at the party. My brother is holding Little Miss Vicki!

 And us, the proud parents of a soon-to-be baby Ruiz!


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