Saturday, June 15, 2013

Three Birthday Cards (One's a redo, one's a recycle shhhh)

Okay so I'm back in the states from Ecuador. Henry and I got married last month and I came to visit family and gush about my lovely husband. While here I figured I'd get some cardmaking done. I'll be gone again in 5 weeks and I really miss crafting.

We'll begin with three birthday cards. The first one uses Tilda and it's actually a redo. If you recall, I made CARD 632 for my cousin Lizbeth. She need a quinceañera card and I made two. She choose CARD 631. Soooo I redid 632 for my sister-in-law Adamaris. She turns 14 next January 23rd.

CARD 632

This next card was given to me when I won a contest. I decided I would recycle the card and give it to my sister-in-law Anabel next year when she turns 19 on June 7th. The outside stayed the same, the inside I took out and added my own sentiment and stamp.

CARD 863

I made this card for my mother-in-law, Laura. She likes things like flowers and handmade things so I found a pretty template and away I went! Everything is in English and my in-laws only speak Spanish butttt..... it's not hard to see what they mean to me :)

CARD 864

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