Saturday, April 27, 2013



So guess what...

I met someone while in Ecuador.  Mmmm... I didn't just meet him. I met him last year, in August, but we didn't become friends until a few months after. And now we are a couple. His name is Henry and he's really nice :) I mean, super nice and wonderfullllll <3 Soooo....I usually only put card stuff on here but I wanted to put some pix of us up. 
The following two pictures are of a church in Baños that has a Virgin Mary that everyone goes to see and take pictures in front of. There is a little section next to this where you light candles and leave them on a mantle. We did this as a show of our pure love.  This was in January of this year.

 This was for our Carnaval in February. A fun time in Ecuador where people wet each other and sometimes use colored flour and other stuff. No one gets offended even though I think I would! Probably because I'm not used to this tradition. Henry and I were riding around on Henry's cousin's bike. And yup, I was soaked.

 On March 2nd, we became proud owners of this little guy, Hank. He's two months old in this pic. Now, we're a family of three!

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