Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Anniversary And Valentine's Day Cards

Oh, l'amour... what a lovely thing. I first met Henry last August in Ecuador and we started dating in January of this year. We got married in May--something I never thought would happen to me. But... I just knew early on that he was the person for me and he knew before I did so imagine that!!! I'm still in matrimony bliss and decided to make an anniversary card for when we started dating, our one-year anniversary, and a Valentine's Day card. Glady said dating doesn't really count anymore since we're married now, but I wanted to make him one because the images were just so cute! I used the cute squares from Lili of the Valley again.

FYI, our civil wedding was May 30th, 2013, our church wedding will be September 21, 2013 in Ecuador. Gotta work on those invites! 

P.S. I added some photos of us on our wedding day. :)

This is our one-year wedding anniversary card.

CARD 865

This is the Valentine's Day card I made for him:

CARD 866

This is our one-year dating anniversary card.

CARD 867

With my husband Henry on the day we got married :)


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