Saturday, July 18, 2015

Lorianna's First Birthday Bash Part 1

Recently, my nephew, Lil'Gee, embarked on a new adventure in his life. He became a DAD. This was very special to me because he is my first nephew and I've known him since before he was born, when he was still in his mom's belly. He is my special LOVE. So, when his daughter, Lorianna, was about to turn 1, I knew I had to make the decorations for her party. Her mother and I were in constant communication over the party details: the theme would be Pebbles Flinstone. I offered to do the banner, centerpieces, favors, water labels, stations, and party hats.

I turned to Pinterest for patterned paper, party hat instructions, and the favors (white chocolate bones!).

Here is the WELCOME Banner I used pink and brown as my patterned paper.

A closeup of the banner

Ms. Pebbles laughing.

My youngest nephew, Geovanni, Lorianna's uncle, helped me with the letters.

It was so cute to see him working my Cricut machine. He did a very good job!

Then I made about 30 party hats! I found instructions online and tweaked them a bit to make small hats and larger ones. I then covered them with real Fruity Pebbles! I used tissue paper and bags cut up as the toppers for the hats! You know I love to recycle!

My son and my mom testing out the hats!

I love my little munchkin! He was a great model!

More in an upcoming post!

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