Monday, July 27, 2015

A Picture Puzzle For My Mom!

My mom loves puzzles. She has done regular flat puzzles and she has done huge 3D cathedrals, carousels, things that move. Sooooo, since I've been in the crafting mood lately and inspired by Pinterest, I decided I would try a small, fun puzzle for her. 

Last month, for Father's Day, we all did a photo shoot. I decided I would take one of those photos, desaturate it a bit, and then make it into a Popsicle stick puzzle. I had pinned the idea on Pinterest awhile back so I returned to the post to get my supplies list. Henry bought me my Popsicle sticks from Walmart, and away I went. 

I printed the image on photo paper using my HP printer then I mod podged it on a row of sticks. I made my own mod podge using equal parts water and elmer's glue. 

When everything was dry, I used my exacto knife to make vertical lines down the sticks, using their own spacing as a guide. Then I mod podged the front of the picture. Some of the glue started coming off so I just added more. All good!

Below is the finished result which my mom really loved. 

The puzzle disassembled. 

Mom almost done! Ahhh, she makes it look so easy!!!

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