Saturday, August 1, 2015

DIY Gifts For Daddy's Birthday!

Dear Husband,

Thank you for all you do for us. You are a good Daddy, too.

We love you!


Baby Henry and Your Wife 

It's my hubby's birthday!! He's another year older and wiser and more handsome if you ask me (hubba hubba)! This year, since baby Henry is bigger and let's me actually work, I decided I would make a ton of gifts for my hubby. 

Enter Pinterest. 

I know there was a time that Pinterest didn't exist, but man, finding ideas took forever back then!! Now all I do is click my Pinterest app on my phone and voila! I search whatever I want or I look at the recommended pins. I love Pinterest!

For Hubby's birthday I decided I would make several special things.

Here they all are. The photo frame in back is a picture of Baby Henry wearing a diaper and Daddy's sneakers and poem on the right. It's the only pic I'll put up of that since I don't want anyone to misuse the picture.

I made a box to store the coupon book and tie in.

That's Daddy playing video games! He loves CARS!

The side details.

Te inside with nothing in it.

Here's the tie we decorated. I found a white one (score!) at TJ Maxx and then we wrote on it and Baby Henry left his handprints and footprints on it for Daddy. And Baby Henry calls him "Dahi" (silent h).

This is the coupon book I made for Daddy. Well, I found it on Pinterest and printed it out and cut it up.

He has used a few of them so far! And used the SMOOCH one the very second I gave it to him! Oh DADDY!!!!

Then I saw this and had to make it. The front is boobies...

the back is a butt... with a kiss. I put glaze over the kiss that's why it looks like that. I didn't want the lipstick to smudge but now I wish I'd just left it alone. 

It was one of Daddy's favorite gifts, lol ;)

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