Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Nordia's Bridal Shower!

Everyone's gettin' merried!!! Yay!!! I'm so excited because all of my dear friends are getting hitched! My great friend Nordia is getting married in September of this year. Her wedding will bein Cali since her hubby's family is there, so I won't be able to attend, but I did offer to make her bridal shower decorations. 

I offered a banner, centerpieces, balloon weights, and the favor tags.

This is the banner I made. I really like the way it came out. I used my trusty Cricut to cut out the letters and the borders. For patterned paper I used various blue shades form my patterned paper pads. Then I used glitter and wedding-themed Magnolia stamps and love-themed toppers from Lili of the Valley (my favorite place ever!).

These are the centerpieces I made. I decided to do something different. They're sort of Flamenco-inspired. I made red ones...

And a floral blue one...

and blue ones...

They were made by mod podging tissue paper to the Puffs cereal containers we use for Baby Henry's snacks. They things really come in handy!

These are the balloon weights I made. If you remember, I made something similar for my wedding favors, except this time, I hole punched the back so that ribbon can be strung around it and the balloons can be held down. I also used some heart embellies in these ones. I told Nordia's Maid of Honor just to fill them up with rocks so they will stay down.

And these are the favor tags I made. I found a swirly design online and then tweaked it in Illustrator.

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