Monday, July 20, 2015

Lorianna's First Birthday Bash Part 2

Wait... there's more! So here is the rest of Lorianna's First Birthday Bash decorations! In my last post, I showed you the banner and party hats I made for her party. Next, I made the centerpieces. I made 5 of these. I used the Gerber Puffs cereal containers we buy for Baby Henry to snack on. I've always saved them for some sort of project and they came in handy this time because they were perfect for the centerpieces. I painted them in fruity colors, then I used spray adhesive to cover them in glitter! After that, I attached a party label on them and then I made the "flowers" from tissue paper. I have so much tissue paper that I've been wanting to get rid of.

These are the station tent cards I made for food, presents, and favors.

These are the water bottle labels.

This must;ve been my favorite part, besides making party hats from scratch. I wanted to make bones as party favors since Ms. Pebbles wears a bone in her hair! I found a pin on Pinterest on how to make these, tweaked it a bit and voila!

I then wrapped them in white tulle, tied them with a ribbon, and topped them with a little Thank You label.

Closeup of the bones. I didn't try one because I made just enough for 30 people. They are basically pretzels and marshmallows drenched in white chocolate!

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