Saturday, June 27, 2015

Father's Day Gifts From Baby Henry

It's Father's Day y'all!! Whoop whoop!!! For some reason I'm in such a great mood! 

Even with this little guy tearing up my craft room. This is what he does... EVERY... DAY... NO... LIE...

But I don't mind 'cuz he lets me work.

And he's super cute. How could you get madd at a face like this??? You just can't. He's a good baby. Baby Henry chillin' like a villin' in summer! What what!!!

Okay back to Father's Day stuff. So Baby Henry decided he wanted to give Daddy and Grandpa something for Father's Day. 

Here's Daddy's gift. (P.S. It's Pinterest-inspired but you already knew that.) I took the "Walk a Little Slower, Daddy" poem and translated it into Spanish since Daddy is fluent in Spanish and is still learning English. While Daddy was asleep I took his sneaker and stamped it in yellow paint then onto the printout. Then I took Baby Henry's foot (while he was awake, not sleeping! that wou;dve been a disaster!) and painted it orange and stamped his footprint over Daddy's. 

For Grandpa, I used Baby Henry's palm print. First I painted the water scene. Then I painted Baby Henry's hand yellow and imprinted it onto the painting. He's a little fishy! And he's hooked on Papa!!

Dad and Granddad loved it!

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