Saturday, June 13, 2015

Marjorie's Bridal Shower Invite

My bestie is gettin' merried ya'll!!! Whoop whoop!! I'm so excited! AND she picked me as her Matron of Honor!! Double whoop whoop! I love me my bestie!!! Of course being the crafter that I am you know I had to do her bridal invites. Enter Pinterest the lifesaver! I found ideas and shot them Marge's way. We settled on one we both liked and 30 invites went her way.

These invites were SOOOOO easy to make!!! I made everything already in my possession (I love my craft room!). I printed out the invite, glittered up the bodice and attached tulle and ribbon and voila! DOOOONE!!!! I love, love, love the way these came out. And once she received them, Marjorie fell in love with them, as well.

CARD 1119

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