Monday, July 1, 2013

Henry's Birthday Card

Happy Birthday to my lovely hubby Henry! Although his birthday is at the end of this month, I made his card ahead of time since I'm still here in the states and he's in Ecuador. I asked my sister-in-law Anabel to scan a specific picture for me of Henry from when he was a little boy. This picture is special to me because when we were just friends, he showed me his pictures and this picture really stood out! I bothered him because he's wearing red, frilly undies! :) So I decided this had to be the picture to put on his card. I also stamped some soccer balls along the side since Henry loves soccer.

I think the funniest thing about this picture (besides his undies) is that his smile is the same now as it was back then. He has the biggest smile and his eyes crinkle. I love him!

CARD 874

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