Sunday, July 28, 2013

Thank You Cards

So...while I was in the U.S. this past June-July... my sister-in-law Gladys surprised me with a bridal shower! She made me believe we were going to a Martha Stewart lecture. I LOVE Martha Stewart. Like really and truly love her! She is such an inspiration to me. She knows about everything there is to know about home decor and cooking and I just adore her. I was so excited for this talk and then.... we walk to the back of this hotel in Fairfield, and I start to see some familiar faces. I think, "Oh cool. My friends are here too!" Then, I see no one else is there and they're all staring at us... me... and I'm like, "Waitaminute!!!" 

Gladys threw me a bridal shower! ME!!! I never even had a clue! She made realistic tickets and everything! I hope I can find pictures of the tickets because she did a DAMN-GOOD job on them! They had little barcodes and everything! 

Needless to say, I was amazed and humbled at the same time. All my favorite people were in this one room, excluding my bestie Marjorie but she has an excuse 'cuz she lives in Ohio!

Here is a shot of the souvenirs she made:

So, before I came back here to Ecuador to be with my hubby (we already did our civil wedding, now we just need to have our religious wedding), I decided I would make all my friends Thank You cards for thinking of me that day! So voila! They are below! I made about 10 of these but since they are all the same, I only took a picture of the first one. Enjoy!

CARD 875

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