Sunday, September 25, 2011

Invites For My Dad's 60th Birthday Bash in Ecuador!

Hi Peeps! I've got a wonderful invite to share with you. This year, in August, my dad turned 60 years old! As I always do, I wanted to celebrate this milestone with a birthday bash in Ecuador! I like doing this because we have tons of family in Ecuador and they are always up for a good time/ family reunion. What I love most about this is the fact that since I had told my brothers about this more than a year in advance, they were all able to go, along with their families. For example: my older brother brought his three kids and my middle brother brought his wife. Wow! Let me tell you. We had such a wonderful time on this trip. I held my dad's party at a once-working hotel across the street from my uncle's house. We fixed it up. We brought our own food. Got the cake and what a beauty of a cake let me tell you! All in all it was great fun as I knew it would be! 

For this party I decided to make the invites. Again, armed with my trusty Cardmaker magazine, I came up with my design. I made two types of invites, both tag-shaped and red since this is my dad's favorite color. Before I left I was running out of time so I recruited two of my friends to come along and help me finish this! If they hadn't come I wouldn't have finished! And even after they left I stayed up really late finishing everything! I barely slept before my morning flight! 

I think this is one of my favorites. It's so simple, but I feel like it's elegant at the same time! For the DP I scanned some Christmas paper and printed out many sheets because I wanted multiples of the same invite. I did the same with the other DP I used.  It was also Christmas paper but you really wouldn't have noticed. We used a stamp on the back for the date details since I knew I would be filling this info in later on. When I left for Ecuador I still didn't have a place booked! Anywho, like I said before. Everything went off without a hitch!


 CARD 633

CARD 634


My dad the birthday boy.

My dad and my mom dancing.

The wonderful and tasty cake. It was fondant and the filling I think was pecan with something else. It was so good! 

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