Saturday, June 25, 2011

Father's Day Card for My Daddy!

Welcome! To all the Daddies out there: HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! Last month for Mother's Day, I made my mom a pretty flower pot card. In keeping with the same idea of things my parents like, I thought for Father's Day I would make my dad a wallet card! Lately, I've really been wanting to branch out and try new things. A wallet card is a first for me! So armed with my Cardmaker magazine (They had directions. I don't remember the issue though! Sorry!), I decided to take the challenge. I used brown cardstock and dark brown ribbon to make this. I also ran the paper through my cuttlebug to make the outside swirlies. I added a few embellies here and there and for whatever reason I decided I would put a picture of my nephews and niece instead of myself and my two older brothers. I loved the way it came out. My dad loved it too and has had it by his bed since I've given it to him. His one gripe? The picture! He would've wanted a picture of us too! Doh! Oh well. There's always a next time! Enjoy and if you try one let me know! Cheers!

CARD 632

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