Monday, November 3, 2008

Double The Fun; Double The Weddings-Cards 30 & 44

Hi Everyone, been busy lately so haven't had much time to upload all the cards we've done. Fortunately, I took the day off today and am uploading most of the cards we've done since my last post.

Here are two Wedding Cards I made. The first for my friend Nordia, the second for my friend JAson. As you can see, they have some similar qualities, but nevertheless they were made with two different people in mind :)



Both parties loved their cards. I had some trouble with Card 44 though. I tried to cover up a small smudge (which actually wasn't even noticeable the next day, but was noticeable when wet) and thus went overboard with the glitter. But Jase says he liked it so I don't know!



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