Saturday, May 2, 2015

All Aboard! Baby Henry's First Birthday!

Welcome!! Welcome!! Come join us for Baby Henry's First Birthday Bash! He's 1!! He's!! I can't believe it! My little munchkin is one! But he was just born yesterday! How is this possible! I am so overwhelmed! He was so little. This tiny little angel and now he's so big and thankfully still an angel. I know everyone thinks their baby is the best, but I truly believe that my baby is the best... for me. He is exactly the way I pictured him. I knew he wouldn't give me any new gray hairs. He's so calm and laid-back. Fist bump to my Baby Henry for being my sidekick in everything we do. Can't wait for you to start walking. Everyone says things will be crazier when they start walking but I truly don't believe that. I feel that once he starts walking things will be smooth sailing. No more being carried by Mommy! I anxiously await that day!

Anywho, back to his party. So on April 19th we celebrated his 1st birthday, 5 days after the actual day. It was a Sunday and a gorgeous day at that. The weather cooperated for the pinata and everything went according to plan.

I didn't have time to make invites and truthfully I really didn't want to. This was a Thomas the Train themed party through and through. Everything had Thomas on it. Invites were no exception. We went to Party City and bought EVERYTHING we needed there.

These were their invites. 20 in the package.

 I needed one more invite so I had to make it. I was in a rush but I think it came out alright!
CARD 1118

The birthday boy with Daddy

The cake! Unreal right? Yeah!! We didn't go with Luigi's this time, we went with a Brazilian bakery and it proved successful. The cake was delish and everyone asked where it got our cake from. I gave them the Pinterest idea and they recreated it exactly. The track was ours. I looked and I looked for his little Thomas but I couldn't find it. It was the one piece missing, even though we had the Thomas candle. OVerall, this cake was so yummy!

Baby Henry through the year. Pinterest again. My dad made the numeral for me and I decorated it with pictures of Baby Henry from the moment he was born 'til the day before his party. I still have this. It's def. a keepsake and it was a hit at the party.

For party favors I made Train Smoke. I printed out the label, bought tiny marshmallows and little sandwich bags and assembled everything. I was so excited to hand them out that I handed them all out and forgot to one for me. 
 These were the station cards I made. I forgot to take pix of them but basically they were baggae claim, departures, and so on...

 A few days later we went to Toys 'R' Us for a special birthday greeting for Baby Henry. They announced his birthday through the loud speaker...

They also gave him a little Birthday Crown...

And a Balloon!!!!

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