Saturday, March 28, 2015

Adamaris's Quinceanera Invites

Last month, hubby, Baby Henry, and Mommy went to Ecuador to celebrate Henry's little sister's Quinceanera, or Sweet 15. Quinceanera's are very popular in Latin and South American countries. They are the equivalent to our Sweet 16, which is what I had since I was born and raised here in the States. 

As a gift, we told my in-laws that I would make the invites for them. I already had an idea in mind: an explosion box. I had never done one before so this would be a first for me. Also, I knew NO ONE in Ecuador had seen this type of invite before. Starting in September of last year, after our church wedding, I started showing my mother-in-law ideas and color schemes. I showed her the explosion box idea from a few pins on Pinterest (my go-to place for EVERYTHING!) and she loved it!

Below I've shared a few pix of us in Ecuador. Everyone was in love with Baby Henry. He had fans from all over and on a daily basis he was surrounded by women (there are 3 in Henry's immediate family).

Here is Baby Henry with his grandparents friend Yuly, her daughter Ailee, his grandma Lauri, his aunt Adamaris, and his aunt Anabel.

Ailee loved touching his little face.

Here we all are making the 50 invites for the Quinceanera. I brought all materials with me. Most everything was precut or prescored. I brought ribbon, lace, embellies, glue gun, glue sticks, paper, punchers, my Martha Stewart scoring board. I thought of everything!

And yes I have red hair now!

Baby Henry joined us but he watched Thomas while we worked day and night for about three days straight. These had to get done pronto!

He wasn't really interested in us. Thomas had his interest.

CARD 1117
And the finished product. This is the outside.

Completed explosion boxes were lined up against the wall.

I used different colored ribbon according to what was left. For example, once I was out of coral, I went to brown, and so on.

Bam! Did this just blow your mind! It's a mini cake! Whaaaaaaa???? Shyeah!

I... Made... It... Myself...
I won't tell you what I used to decorate the cake but let's just say it added the needed touch.

And here's a pic of Daddy and baby. This is one of my favorite pictures.

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