Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Calendar Postcards; Last Batch: CARDS 975-978 and Some Christmas Crafts I Made in Ecuador!

Merry Christmas! This is the last batch of Christmas calendar postcards I made for my dad. After these four pictures I have posted a few pictures of crafts I made in Ecuador for Christmas. I decided to turn to Pinterest for ideas.

 CARD 975

 CARD 976

 CARD 977

 CARD 978

 These are some Santas I made. They were made from toilet paper rolls which I painted red and then decorated with cotton balls, colored, and used some glitter for the nose. I made one for each family member in Ecuador (aka my hubby's family). I also made one for our dog, Hank, and our unborn baby. 

These are some snowflakes I made. My crafting bug was biting me so I had to make something for Christmas while in Ecuador. These were made my cutting the ends of 2-liter soda bottles. I then made a thin glue substance, sprinkled glitter, and then painted blue lines to enhance the snowflakes shape. 

Here are the snowmen and snowflakes in our window.

We bought some tinsel and lights and decorated the window as well.

Then I decided to make a wreath. I saved as many soda bottles as possible and cut them up. IT took me about two weeks to put all this together. It was a lot of bottles! After I cut up strips of soda bottles, i used scissors to curl each strip. Then i painted each strip in green, gold, and red. After each strip dried, I dip each strip in glue and sprinkled them with their respective glitter. I let that dry and then using a cardboard as my backing, I hot glued each strip to the cardboard, creating my wreath.

I topped the wreath off with a gold Merry Christmas topper that we bought at a Christmas store, and some poinsettias. I was super impressed with how it came out and I enjoyed the whole process (even if my kitchen table was filled with glitter everywhere! For days!!)

The wreath on our door. It was so heavy that it would fall. So I had to lightly hot glue it to the wall. We are renting this apartment so I have to be careful not to ruin the door. 

I am a firm believer that glitter makes everything look 100 times better!!!

And here, ladies and gentlemen, is our little Christmas tree. It's tiny just like our family of 2 (soon to be 3). This is our very first tree. We trimmed it with tinsel, tiny lights, and a little star. Everything was so heavy on it that it fell over on a daily basis. I made a little stand for it, but at times it still fell over. 

Here it is lit.

 And here it is with presents underneath. I also made all of our Christmas presents by hand, but I don't think I have pictures of all those.

Here is hubby and me (And baby in my bun!) in Riobamba. We were out enjoying all the Christmas lights in town.

And here we are Christmas Eve dinner.

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