Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Eryn's Valentine's Day Card...

Hi hi, I  have a new card up. This is a Valentine's Day card I made for my friend Eryn to give to her boyfriend Pete. I had shown her my mini Valentine's Day tags and she really liked them so I tried to make one similar but in card form. Voila! I used my cricut expression for this and my gypsy. The background is layered with red glitter and i added little hearts here and there. For the inside I had a little bit of trouble because the pink layer wasn't lining up with the red so I had to cut off the external parts and paste the layer as a regular heart. Then--since I can neither draw nor cut straight lines on my own!--I lined the edges with the pink ribbon. Eryn had originally suggested it so it was a good thing that I went ahead with it. I think it looks great and Eryn really liked it. For the envelope I found the xoxo ribbon which I really love. Enjoy!

CARD 608





jodyb said...

Hi Jackie,
Love your work - please stop by www.jodyscreationstation.blogspot.com. I have a gift for you!
Hugs, Jody

Sandy said...

Wow and double wow! Love this card - I mean to tell you Jackie, I love this card - so Valentiney and so creative.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous!!! your posted valentine day card is looking so gorgeously i like it so much...
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